Quratulain Balouch’s Title Track For ‘Dhamak’

The ‘Humsafar’ title track still lingers on and from the looks of it, will probably be one of the most popular Quratulain Balouch's Title Track For 'Dhamak'tracks from Pakistan this year. Although the recent cellular service stint she did with singer Bilal Khan disappointed fans, there is no denying that the rich, earthy voice Quratulain Balouch (popularly known as QB) possess never ceases to amaze us.
In an interview with MAG last year, QB had said that the offer to sing a drama soundtrack had come as a surprise to her.
“Honestly, when Waqar told me about this song, back in my head I was thinking, how can I be anywhere close to how Abida Parveen ji has sung it? An artist like me, who has no training, cannot be anywhere near to what she has been doing for all her life. I was overwhelmed at the opportunity and tried to put my best out there. Result? I had no idea people would love this version and embrace it with open arms. They love it! Credit goes to Naseem Turabi sahib who wrote such a beautiful and reality based poetry that everyone can relate to it. Even I can relate to it!”
However, the success of her first soundtrack must have lifted up her spirits to try one of a different sort. Promos for an upcoming drama serial show QB mourning the loss of her beloved in a voice that seems to carry immense depth. The title track of ‘Dhamak’ is intense and powerful, unlike her previous one which slipped easily into our memories and proved to be easy on the ears.
QB is blessed with a voice that is rich, soulful and melodic despite the fact that she has had absolutely no vocal training. Although, it does limit her to a genus in which she might have trouble battling monotony. QB, however sees growth as an evolving process and seems to have no qualms about the type of music she will or will not be able to do in the near future. Her debut album is due soon which would be a mix of Sufi, folk and pop music – a blend that we should all look forward to.


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