Meesha Shafi is no longer part of Overload

Overload’s frontman Farhad Humayun says his band has no place for Meesha Shafi or Mehmood Rahman, reports ETribune.

Overload is a rock/fusion band originating from Lahore, Pakistan, formed in 2004. The band are directed by founder and drummer Farhad Humayun. The band is regarded as the “Loudest band in Pakistan”.

Overload released its second album, ‘Pichal Pairee‘ in 2009 with Meesha Shafi as the lead vocalist. Now that the lead vocalist is pregnant at the peak of her career, there is really just one way forward for any band.

Farhad Humayun, the founder of Overload revealed that Meesha Shafi and Mehmood Rahman are no longer a part of the band. In fact, their new single, ‘Dhol Bajay Ga‘ has gone through a complete renovation in the musical arrangement, with the same melody and chords in place but Farhad Humayun on the vocals and Shahzad Hameed on the guitars this time.

Farhad Humayun has had enough of the musical chairs. He stated,

“Singing is not my forte but from this point on, I have become the permanent vocalist for Overload. I was never planning on being a singer. I have been drumming for the last 18 years but now it’s time for Overload to become self-sufficient.”

The new video of “Dhol Bajay Ga” which has been directed by Farhad Humayun & Hassaan Ashraf is almost ready to hit the airwaves and Humayun promises its release after the World Cup hysteria simmers down. It has been shot by Maraam, Abroo & Shoaib and the wardrobe is done by fashion’s most potent brand, HSY.

Farhad Humayun has categorically stated that there is no room for his cousin Mehmood and his wife Meesha to return to Overload.

“Shafi’s a very ambitious girl and she will go far, but they cannot come back to the band since they abandoned it when it needed them the most.”

Meesha on the other hand promised a lot of interesting projects in the future. She said,

“I have some very exciting and big projects that I am not at liberty to reveal right now.”

Will she choose fashion over music after the birth of her baby, or juggle both being a model and a singer like she has up till now? “I’ve never seen it as an either-or situation,” clarified Meesha on her future direction.

Overload members were like a family for Farhad and will always remain close to him as he is Mehmood Rahman’s first cousin.

“We all respect each other and our individual choices. They are family and always will be close to me. I have always kept work and family matters separate.”

Farhad Humayun who also cites his concern for Meesha’s health and her personal security as reasons for the split.

“Overload is a live band and sometimes large crowds get rowdy and we don’t want her to get hurt or injured.”

The disagreement surfaced when Overload wished to perform and release the original video of ‘Dhol Bajay Ga’ minus Meesha so they could continue to perform in her absence. Farhad Humayun said Meesha found that unacceptable and so Overload had to value its priorities and move ahead.

“It’s very difficult to sustain a band. I have been working assiduously towards the band for the last seven years. We can’t hold the band hostage to a particular member.”

Farhad Humayun will balance both drumming and singing at recordings and summon a drummer for his live acts so he can take control of the vocals on stage.

For the future, Farhad will keep the Overload philosophy of being the loudest band in Pakistan intact and perform live. Overload will soon be headed for a Middle East tour with Kaala Sain, Nasir Sain and Sheraz Siddiq.


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