EP making noise with “SHOR MACHA” | Video Out

EP started a wave of change in modern music in Pakistan in 2003 with its album – Irtiqa. Striking a chord with the youth, EP rose fast to fame with its hard to match energy, powerful wall of sound and a kind of music that still remains its signature. The band performed a multitude of shows in its 3 year existence until its disband in 2006. With most individuals pursuing there different paths and making a mark for themselves, EP wasn’t around to be heard after its disappearance from the Pakistan music industry. After a hibernation of 2 years the band was rumored to be coming in the start of 2009. Now with a new lineup, a new sound, the band who started the noise are back with a big bang. With their new single Shor Macha, underway its release and a video of it due to be out soon, EP are back in the arena again.
Kuch Shor Macha……Awaz Utha. EP stood for a revolution, stood against the tide and stood against norms when it released its first album “IRTIQA” in 2003. The band became known to add a difference to mainstream music in Pakistan with a different flavor. In short, EP has always been the wayward one from the flock. We invite you to embark with us onto yet another travel through these testing times to reveal what we are and what we can become. It isn’t about us. It’s about you and that is the story we want to continue.

Keep the noise alive!

Official Website: www.eptheband.com


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