eP’s Karachi gig – (Concert Footage)



Who doesn’t remember eP (Entity Paradigm)? It was a band that was a union of two underground bands from Lahore (Entity and Paradigm) which competed in the Battle of the Bands several years ago and walked away from it as semi-finalists (Aaroh won the competition). They subsequently released their debut album Irtiqa, a concept album, which was well received by music fans..


Unfortunately, eP disbanded sometime in 2006, but recently announced a comeback in February 2009. By now they would have done their first official comeback concert in Karachi. The band is currently working on their second album, which is untitled as yet. They don’t have any plans of releasing a full-length album immediately, preferring to release singles via music videos first. However, they hope to release their album by December 2009.


The new lineup includes Fawad Khan (vocals/guitar), Ahmed Ali Butt (vocals/keyboards), Waqar Ahmed Khan (drums), Salman Albert (guitar) and Hassan Khalid (bass). Two other prominent members from the previous lineup, Xulfiqar Jabbar Khan and Sajjad A. Khan have decided not to be a part of this comeback due to their on-going work on different projects.


(EP preforming “Bulls on Parade” which is a Rage Against The Machine cover song.)

(Karachi on May 2nd 2009)


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