‘Desi Boyz’ Not Enough Substance To Make A Musical Impact

Desi Boyz’ is without a doubt an all-out commercial movie with every aspect of it designed to cater to a larger market. Be it the choice of actors, crafting of characters or even the kind of music produced, the movie is definitely a complete ‘masala’ but I wonder if the audience has had enough of these ‘formula’ movies.The online comic chemistry of protagonists Akshay Kumar and John Abraham has been established previously as well and from the teasers we can see that the two will be playing similar characters in this movie as well. It might be too early to comment on the success of ‘Desi Boyz’ because although thestoryline might be different but the promotional clips show the same kind of humor and sadly the same kind of music we have been hearing from Bollywood recently.
The music director, Pritam is on a roll without a shadow of doubt. His earlier ventures like ‘Mausam’, ‘Ready’ and ‘Action Replay’ all did extremely well and he is up to his regular antics with the recent ‘Desi Boyz’. The question remains, where does one draw the line? Where does good end and over-the-top begin? The music maestro might just overdo it with his inclination to throw in everything in one music album. Let’s take a look at the compilation of tracks of the much anticipated ‘Desi Boyz’.
The album starts off with the title track and although I hate to admit it but ‘Desi Boyz’ does have an infectious element to it. Talk about an all out masala men’s number with thumkas coming from the stronger gender! The song has loud rhythms and even louder music. ‘Make some noise for the Desi Boyz’ is a mish mash of all fun title tracks combined!
Next up is a club – electric pop with a distinct Indian vibe to it and although the musical arrangement is interesting, ‘Subha Honay Na De’ fails when it comes to the lyrics. The song is sung by Mika who sounds nothing like he ever has thanks to the heavy dose of auto tune but the change is a pleasing one and does not seem overdone.
No Indian album is complete without the shehnai effect and Jhak Maar Ke gives way to a distinctly Indian sound. This track has been sung by Harshdeep Kaur who finally decides to have fun while singing and the mood translates towards the listener. Designed to click instantly with the audience, ‘Jhak Maar Ke’ works even though it might just be the most typical Bollywood numbers in the album. Let’s just call this ‘a heaven for b-town fans’.
Next in line is ‘Allah Muaf Karay’ which sounds like a refined version of ‘Razia’ from the movie ‘Thank You’. This is what you get when the director wishes to have a bit of everything bottled up in one album! Although it does not what is necessary for a fairly good song in the first place, it was stripped of any appeal simply due to the fact that this track is a complete rip off of another hit Indian number.
‘Let It Be’ comes next with singer Shaan doing what he does best – delivering soft soothing songs. This Indi-pop number gives the album a much needed break from all the fast paced electro tracks before it. That being said, ‘Let It Be’ has the tackiest lyrics of the lot (surprisingly penned by Amitabh Bhattachariya) and someone like me can’t help but cringe to this song. This track too is reminiscent of other racks like Shankar Ehsan Loy’s ‘Loser’ from the movie ‘Housefull’.
Tracks from this album do not seem situational, rather they have been crafted specially to remain with the audience long after the movie fades away. The saying in Bollywood about music shaping the success of a movie is still pretty much applicable and valid. The music from ‘Desi Boyz’ might not have the same effect simply because there have been other such albums in the very recent past that have tried to ring a bell with the same kind of musical score. Although expectations with Pritam were enormous, he has disappointed the listeners slightly by staying safe and not daring to experiment with other better sounds. To me, it seems like this album will only stay alive as long as the movie keeps running, after that both ‘Desi Boyz’ and its music will be history.


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