Atif Aslam’s Message Of Peace & Love.

Atif rocking Toronto - May 16th 2009

Atif Aslam was recently in Toronto for a concert. Before singing the last song (Pehli Nazar), Atif told the jam packed audiance:

“I really love my country, and hold a passion for it. I like to say something… We are not terrorist at all…  We believe in peace and love. I am here representing Pakistan, and i spread that message of peace and love.”

Atif Aslam, what a true Pakistani! It is people like him we should look up to and follow. Its great to see Atif Aslam back in action and speaking out and supporting Pakistan abroad. We need more people like him, dont you think?

Also, if you note..  Atif has improved in singing, i think the credit goes to Rohail Hyatt and his Coke Studios.

 (Check out the video clip below)



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