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Faakhir Mehmood Releases ‘Baylia’ In Time For Pakistan Day
Guess who is back with a fresh new video, just in time for Pakistan Day? Faakhir Mehmood comes out with a new surprise every few months and has finally managed to come out with a video that was exciting to watch. The video for his track ‘Baylia’ premiered on Dr Shaista Wahidi’s morning show and it was amusing to see the host herself play the leading lady.
The video shows a love story blooming in the midst of the war for independence. It is a story of sacrifice and pride that keep you hooked for more reasons than one. First of all, the execution is done exceptionally well and although ‘Baylia’ itself is a love song, the story about the quest for a separate Faakhir Mehmoodcountry, woven in the video fits perfectly well. Secondly, Faakhir Mehmood, the singer who also plays the protagonist in the video, looks extremely different from all his previous videos, even though the makeup surely is overdone at times. Last, but not the least, Shaista Wahidi, the popular morning show host, as the leading lady in the video came as a bit of a surprise for the audience.
Faakhir’s last two videos have failed miserably, disappointing his fans. ‘Allah Karay’ released last year with Mahnoor Baloch and Mikaal Zulfikar as the protagonists in the video. It failed miserably because the video was copied from that of Katy Perry’s ‘Hot and Cold’.
His last release, ‘Atom Bomb’ with model Zara Sheikh was badly executed and choreographed and the track did not come up to the standards that Faakhir’s fans are used to. Thankfully, ‘Baylia’ has arrived just at the right time to help salvage the situation although it carries its own package of pros and cons. Let us take a look at what went right and what went horribly wrong in the video.
The track is extremely enjoyable and Faakhir proves once again that he really is one of the finer pop artists of the country. However, most people might end up forgetting the music since it is the video that takes the prize because it is beautifully shot and is interesting enough to keep the viewers engaged.
Shaista Wahidi looks stunning and tries her hand at everything from dancing and flirting to fighting for freedom, shedding tears and even murdering a British officer! Her get-up made me wonder if all activists of that era wore a ‘teeka’ at all times? Also, I did not see the logic behind showing a dance instructor take classes in a Muslim household.
Faakhir Mehmood, dressed as a freedom fighter looks overly made up and is expressionless for the most part. Ah well! You cannot expect someone to sing and act well at the same time can you?
The story jumps from one sequence to the other and ends in nothing but confusion in the first look since a love story, a war, the making of a country, murders and executions, all together are too much to handle in a mere six minutes! ‘Baylia’, however is one of his better releases and we finally see the spark returning to Faakhir’s music!


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