Alamgir Speaking Volumes With ‘Keh Daina’

Very rarely does a classic track make its way back into the hearts and minds of people with more force than it had the first time. ‘Keh Daina’ is one of those few tracks that has encapsulated audience in just a matter of days.
Sung originally by the Elvis of the East -Alamgir, this track has been invigorated by an upcoming television show titled Mangoes that depicts the lives of young Indians and Pakistanis trying to settle in their new roles keeping their identities intact.
Another artist that must be held responsible for this newer, fresher version of ‘Keh Daina’ is Kristie Young an acoustic-soul, singer/songwriter who has done covers of songs by various artists and has been part of a Vancouver based band. The young singer surprised everyone by singing in flawless Urdu along with the legendary Alamgir himself and the two seemed quite at ease with each other singing in perfect harmony. The video has had over 100,000 views on YouTube alone within days of its release and the numbers are multiplying!
The track is more infectious than the original one. The fine tabla playing along with the fresh new energy emanating from the song gets listeners hooked to it within seconds!
Although Alamgir is struggling with his health, he is still quite persistent to make more music. In his video, he is seen prancing around, smiling and visibly enjoying himself. It is after this singer’s comeback that his audience found out that Alamgir was gathering funds required for a kidney transplant.


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