ADVERTISE ONLINE has vast array of interactive content offerings that can satisfy any consumer need.  We connect our users to content that consist of infotainment which is personally relevant to them, giving advertisers the ability to market your brand to a highly targeted audience that is Pakistani’s and Indians.

AUDIENCE PROFILE has a specific audience, consists of consumers who are business decision-makers, attracting more young to middle age entrepreneurs business owners than most other South Asian entertainment sites.1

Marketers can also reach consistent active, and tech-savvy consumers who not just listen to our radio
but also constantly come to this site for more entertainment and information.


Audience Insights

Unique Users:
35,000 average monthly users to the site, no exaggeration like other sites.2
Median Age:
Median HHI:
Time Spent:
(average minutes per person, per month)
68.7 minutes2

You have several different options to advertise with us:
Actual Radio Broadcast
Online Live Stream
Front Page
High Impact Areas

Audio files

For more information please contact:

Sales and Marketing Team at 832-607-2007 or
When e-mailing, please include the words, AD SALES QUESTIONS” in the subject line.
Sources:  1 and 2 GoDaddy and Ipowerweb hosting results.



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