Haider Hashimi leaves Aaroh

Haider Hashimi the former lead guitarist of Aaroh band has recently released his debut single called “Nahin”. 

The news of  Haider leaving the band has been confirmed when Haider responded to one of his fans with these words on his official Facebook group

“This is not a project. I plan on launching my own music.”

When we asked Haider about the details, he told us that he just moved on and didn’t mention any band conflicts.

 “Yes I have left. I just felt its time to move on,” he said.

We haven’t been able to get words from anyone from the Aaroh yet. If we get to hear anything, we will keep you posted. We wish luck to both Haider and Aaroh for the future projects

Listen or Download the track:

[audio: http://pakmanzil.com/Media-Library/Music/Aaroh/Singles/Haider%20Hashimi%20-%20%20Nahin.mp3]

Download Click Here

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